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Latest News

  • Mythbusters

    With so much regulatory change taking place there will inevitably be gossip and interpretations of new rules circulating around the market that ...
  • Lone Star CIO

    Texas ERS has gone from zero hedge fund exposure to investing more than $1bn in little more than two years. CIO Tom ...
  • Europe calling

    Closed-ended hedge funds are back in the spotlight following news that Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management is to launch a ...
  • Why is Texas attracting so many new launches?

    High-profile launches, relocations and local investors are all contributing to Texas’s booming hedge fund industry. HFMWeek investigates the secret of the ...
  • Private Placement

    HFMWeek exposes the huge variations in private placement fees being levied on non-EU managers across Europe ...

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With average industry performance in the doldrums, what 12-month performance are you expecting at your hedge fund come December?

HFRX Indices Daily Performance

HFRX Indices Daily Performance - 2014-09-15
HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index -0.12% -0.17% 1.79% 1247.41
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies Index -0.08% -0.10% 1.91% 1219.88
HFRX Market Directional Index -0.09% -0.43% 5.20% 1218.31
HFRX Equity Hedge Index -0.09% 0.15% 1.50% 1182.85
HFRX Event Driven Index -0.18% -1.07% 3.65% 1634.86
HFRX Macro/CTA Index -0.28% 0.34% 1.34% 1148.82
HFRX Relative Value Arbitrage Index 0.02% 0.02% 0.67% 1211.76
HFRX RV: FI-Convertible Arbitrage Index 0.09% 0.56% 0.10% 776.31
Source: Hedge Fund Research, Inc.

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