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Latest News

  • Phishing web

    Gone Phishing

    Early phishing scams were easily recognisable but, as technology develops and cyber-criminals produce more sophisticated spear-phishing and vishing attacks, how can hedge ...
  • The Alternative Beta Challenge

    While strategic alternative beta products could be less expensive, can they really be as effective as – and a threat to – hedge funds? ...
  • Weavering: Never Again?

    The collapse of Weavering Capital highlights the importance of stringent regulation. Indos Financial’s Bill Prew details how the AIFMD could have ...
  • Time To Look At Co-investing?

    As investor demand for bespoke solutions grows, more hedge funds are entering into co-investment deals to create specific strategies to meet the ...
  • Sweet Charity

    HFMWeek takes a look at the hedge fund industry’s various philanthropic endeavours, and finds out what motivates managers to support certain ...

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With average industry performance in the doldrums, what 12-month performance are you expecting at your hedge fund come December?

HFRX Indices Daily Performance

HFRX Indices Daily Performance - 2014-10-16
HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index 0.13% -3.27% -2.13% 1199.44
HFRX Equal Weighted Strategies Index 0.13% -2.54% -1.26% 1181.95
HFRX Market Directional Index -0.28% -3.58% 1.40% 1174.25
HFRX Equity Hedge Index -0.15% -3.74% -2.56% 1135.56
HFRX Event Driven Index 0.78% -5.53% -4.14% 1512.05
HFRX Macro/CTA Index -0.52% -1.42% 1.09% 1146.01
HFRX Relative Value Arbitrage Index 0.25% -1.80% -1.85% 1181.44
HFRX RV: FI-Convertible Arbitrage Index 0.27% -3.02% -4.17% 743.16
Source: Hedge Fund Research, Inc.

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