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  • As investor demand for bespoke solutions grows, more hedge funds are entering into co-investment deals to create specific strategies to meet the needs of allocators who are no longer happy to be bundled into mainstream strategies

    by Alex Cardno - 9 October, 2014

  • HFMWeek takes a look at the hedge fund industry’s various philanthropic endeavours, and finds out what motivates managers to support certain charities

    by Elana Margulies - 8 October, 2014

  • HFMWeek takes a closer look at the way managers are filling a hole left by the banks pulling back from traditional lending activities

    by Jasmin Leitner - 8 October, 2014

  • Last week, HFMWeek travelled to Washington, DC for an exclusive interview with top SEC examiners on the most prescient issues for hedge fund managers. Despite some dodging of questions, the agency had some key take-homes for managers

    by Maiya Keidan - 8 October, 2014

  • As Omni Partners marks a decade in business, new CEO Peter Coates tells HFMWeek how he plans to grow the London firm to $1bn – and beyond…

    by Will Wainewright - 1 October, 2014

  • The Labour Party has targeted hedge funds with a pledge to scrap a UK tax relief on stamp duty in a move managers suggest would bring in an FTT-like tax through the back door

    by Alex Cardno - 1 October, 2014

  • Improved performance in recent months has led some experts to suggest a turning point is in sight for the strategy 

    by Matt Smith - 29 September, 2014

  • Despite the CFTC’s recent shift to allow general solicitation, lawyers say take-up of the Jobs Act’s advertising flexibilities is likely to be limited

    by Maiya Keidan - 24 September, 2014

  • HFMWeek examines the pipeline and lists the 20 freshest launches generating investor interest

    by Will Wainewright - 24 September, 2014

  • With so much regulatory change taking place there will inevitably be gossip and interpretations of new rules circulating around the market that turn out to be inaccurate. HFMWeek examines three of the most prevalent rumours floating about the hedge fund stratosphere and looks to separate the fact from the fiction 

    by Maiya Keidan - 11 September, 2014

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