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  • Institutional investors may have replaced high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) as the largest allocators to hedge funds, but a consensus among private banks suggests the latter group’s interest in the space is returning

    by Alex Cardno - 23 July, 2014

  • Despite a number of banks making cash available to hedge funds, take-up remained unchanged during the second quarter. HFMWeek decided to take a closer look at the leverage question for managers

    by Rob Langston - 23 July, 2014

  • The upcoming MiFID II regulations will hit all who trade on European markets. HFMWeek examines the effect this wide-reaching update to the original Directive will have on the hedge fund sector

    by Maiya Keidan - 23 July, 2014

  • HFMWeek compiles the latest hedge fund launch activity for the month to 17 July with offerings from Tages Capital and Empire State Capital Partners

    18 July, 2014

  • HFMWeek compiles the latest hedge fund investor activity to 17 July, including searches for Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Illinois State Universities Retirement System and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

    18 July, 2014

  • The AIFMD has hit the home stretch, with less than a week until transitional periods expire across Europe and the Directive comes fully into force. HFMWeek examines the missing pieces of the puzzle

    by Maiya Keidan - 16 July, 2014

  • HFMWeek takes a closer look at the rationale behind recent aquisition activity and asks ‘what’s at stake when you’re looking for investment?’

    by Jasmin Leitner - 16 July, 2014

  • Africa’s hedge fund sector remains largely undeveloped despite rising interest in the continent

    by Will Wainewright - 15 July, 2014

  • HFMWeek examines the key unknowns on the European Directive with 12 days to go

    by Maiya Keidan - 10 July, 2014

  • HFMWeek compiles the latest hedge fund launch activity for the month to 1 July with offerings from Price Asset Management, Blackstone and Systematic Alpha.

    4 July, 2014

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