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  • HFMWeek compiles the latest hedge fund launch activity to 21 August with offerings from LMR Partners, Sand Grove Capital and EquityPro Capital

    27 August, 2014

  • HFMWeek compiles the latest hedge fund investor activity to 21 August including searches for Carnegie Mellon University

    27 August, 2014

  • Today: Hutchin Hill Capital breaks through $1bn mark; HFSB head tours Middle East to raise standards; Argentina strips BNY Mellon of banking license; and more...

    27 August, 2014

  • London-based trend giant to join rival AHL in entering ’40 Act space

    by Matt Smith - 27 August, 2014

  • New Zealand sees double-digit rise over one week, DTCC data show

    by Rob Langston - 27 August, 2014

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