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    6 August, 2014

  • While many hedge fund managers are reporting healthy inflows and improving performance, a few large redemptions, key staff departures or a future period of underperformance can quickly change a firm’s outlook. HFMWeek takes a closer look at the steps hedge funds can take when the going gets tough to ensure they best position themselves for recovery 

    by Jasmin Leitner - 6 August, 2014

  • Today: Former Bridgewater analyst launches performance-free global macro fund; Goldman redeems from multi-strategy fund; David Einhorn cautious on stock market outlook; and more...

    6 August, 2014

  • Rise in gross and net equity exposure reported by Deutsche Bank

    by Rob Langston - 6 August, 2014

  • This move is the problem with most hedge fund managers who are trying to be market timers rather than investors

    6 August, 2014

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