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  • The collapse of Weavering Capital highlights the importance of stringent regulation. Indos Financial’s Bill Prew details how the AIFMD could have prevented the breakdown had it been in effect at the time

    by Bill Prew, CEO at Indos Financial - 22 October, 2014

  • SAC's Martoma loses bid to stay free during appeal; Third Point pushing for Amgen split; Aurelius and co agree Detroit bankruptcy plan; and more...

    22 October, 2014

  • While strategic alternative beta products could be less expensive, can they really be as effective as – and a threat to – hedge funds? HFMWeek speaks to Lionel Erdely about Investcorp’s plans in the space

    by Jasmin Leitner - 22 October, 2014

  • The industry should still view Calpers’ decision, and the scrutiny that it has undoubtedly provoked, as an opportunity to reaffirm the case for investing in hedge funds

    22 October, 2014

  • UK’s most famous financial journalist can’t compete with HFMWeek call of duty

    22 October, 2014

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