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  • Early phishing scams were easily recognisable but, as technology develops and cyber-criminals produce more sophisticated spear-phishing and vishing attacks, how can hedge funds protect themselves and their clients?

    by Chris Matthews - 24 October, 2014

  • Departures at Eclectica; Potential investment in US retailers; new challenges for Argentina's debt markets; and more...

    24 October, 2014

  • Panelists at are our latest breakfast briefing discuss current geopolitics trends and macroeconomic influences on the industry 

    by Chris Matthews - 24 October, 2014

  • Rajarengan Rajaratnam settles insider trading cases against him

    by Maiya Keidan - 24 October, 2014

  • Ownership and Control Reporting “not very clear”, say ops professionals

    by Maiya Keidan - 24 October, 2014

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